Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Welcome Nate!

This is the first posting for a blog to track the comings and goings of Nathaniel D. Flaherty. He arrived in late January and we intend to post his pictures and maybe even some video along with highlights of accomplishments, like sleeping through the night (not yet) here.

Please post a note and drop us an email as well if you have time to check the site from time to time.

Dan and Julia


Anonymous said...

Hello Julia, Dan, and Nate! I hope you all are doing well. Nate is the cutest baby I have ever seen =) I love the pictures and comments.
Take Care and Enjoy Every Moment,

megmcdmac@hotmail.com said...

Dan & Julia
Love the photos. keep snapping away he's going to change so fast you won't remember. cousin justin and Brian love pics too.
Great Aunt Meg

Cousin Charline said...

Nate - you are just adorable!
And you can speak and write
already.....how neat is that!!!
I loved your pictures - don't
stop letting them take all those
pictures of you as I love
looking at them!

Cousin Charline