Saturday, April 29, 2006

My Trip to Bethesda

I hung with Grandmom Lin, Grandpa Matt and Uncle Louis. I survived the plane, behaved myself and was cute for the other passengers to marvel at. I also got to meet Great Aunt Margaret, her daughter Charline and Charline's daughter Valerie, and her daughter Ally--all these relatives, I need a score card to keep track of who's who. And Maggie the Dog--she sniffed me but otherwise she seemed somewhat unimpressed with me. Soon enough, though, I have plenty of food to drop by mistake for her to scoop up.

Of course, AirTran sent my stroller and car seat base to Ft. Lauderdale. They eventually caught up to me at home, though.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Grandpa came to see me a few weeks ago. We hung out, shook hands and smiled at each other while he bounced me on his knee. I eventually fell asleep on him. I'm worried that I'm going to be competing with his cat for lap space in the near future. She can be a dangerous little feline and let's face it, has more dexterity with her claws than me at this point. I'm a very lucky little guy to have grandparents, both near and far, that care about me so much.

Sitting Up & Taking Notice

I'm beginning to get a whole new perspective on things, now that I'm sitting up. Of course, I can't really sit up yet, but Mommy and Daddy keep propping my up in my Boppy and my Bumbo (thanks Auntie Sue!) and I'm trying to maintain some upper-body balance. Although, it makes it hard to squiggle and squirm, which are my two most favorite activities (when I'm not sleeping or eating).

Deep Thoughts...

I might be sleeping. I might be day dreaming. I might even be pondering Curt Schilling's 4-0 start for the Red Sox. No matter what, though, I'm cute and there is no getting around that fact!

Miles of Smiles

Furthering my hold over most adults, my cuteness factor increases exponentially when I smile. Just check out these pictures if you don't believe me.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I'm very excited that the Red Sox swept the Orioles over the weekend! I'm still too young to be sleeping out on the street next to Fenway looking for tickets to Opening Day on Tuesday, but at 5-1 (and the Yankees in last place!), I'm feeling pretty good about my Red Sox.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

"Head" of the Class

Because I've been such a good eater and due to a relatively quick labor and delivery, at least from my point of view (others may differ in their opinions), I have quite a head. In fact, people come from miles and miles away just to look at it. Heck, just 2 weeks ago, I had it measured by a professional head-measurer...someone called "nurse." And, despite the fact people are so enthralled by my head, personally, I'm somewhat relieved that more hair is starting to grow. When I was born, I was all head. Now, it's all about the head and the development of the "stuff" inside...

Evidence of Early Red Sox Fanaticism

Last night, while I was supposed to working out on my gym (see posting below), I kept turning my head towrd the TV because the Crimson Hose were playing, and beating, the Baltimore Orioles behind a now-healthy Curt-the-bloody-sock-Schilling. Of course, Mommy is not entirely thrilled that I have a predisposition for watching TV, but, I think she can make an exception for the Red Sox. I've heard good things about this team, 4-1 so far with timely hitting and strong starting pitching. A sweep over Grandpa Matt's Orioles would be a nice conclusion to the opening 6 game road trip and may lead to some baby-talk-boasting when I come to visit in a few weeks.

Hitting the Gym

I'm starting to embrace my Baby BowFlex gym. I've even started trying to roll over while using it, although, I get stuck on my side most times. I'm starting to reach and tug at my "friends" who dangle from the bows above me. I enjoy "hanging" with them.

The Bath

Every couple of days, Mommy baths me. The water is warm and soapy and I really enjoy my time in the sink, but, it's really cold when I get out. I really think Mommy and Daddy need to ramp up the heat before my baths, so that when I get out, the transition from "tub" to "towel" is gentler on my sensitive skin...and enough with taking pictures of me naked--what is this, "The Full Monty?" And, at around 13 pounds, I'm displacing a lot more water, usually onto the kitchen floor and Mommy.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

"How You Doin'?"

...And The Kid's Got Some Charm

There are times when I'm just as happy as happy can be...usually preceded by certain autonomic functions best not described further and immediately followed by horrific screams of hunger.

Baby's First Road Trip

OK, so I did not hit Vegas, Cancun or Daytona Beach...but, it was a college town. I hung with some Smithies in NoHo--that's Northampton to those not in the loop. I immediately registered as an Infant Democrat when I got home, still too young to be a Young Democrat. More importantly and impressively, I was just the nicest, cutest, best behaved baby all day, according to Mom.

Aaaaahhhhh, The Couch...