Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Attention Mr and Mrs America and All The Ships At Sea...(insert sound of Morse code)...Nate had (semi)solid food for the first time on June 27, 2006. It was his way of celebrating his 5 month existence. With the introduction of solid food comes his latest piece of furniture--the high chair! At first he was less-than-thrilled to be sitting, confined and strapped-in, but once he got a taste of that formula and rice concoction babies around the world have come to love, he was a happy little guy. Coincidently, the bib hanging on Nate's neck also got solid food for the first time as well-Nate likes to share.

Alas, no pictures, as the battery of the ever-ready digital was not charged. We captured stills on a 35mm, but who develops film anymore, really...we might as well teach Nate to write on a slate and count beans on an Abacus.

This just in...

...Attention Mr and Mrs America and All The Ships At Sea...(insert sound of more Morse code)...second developmental milestone reached by Nate...he got a hold of the television remote and changed the channel from the Red Sox/Mets game to the WB Network. Oh the horror! While we are thrilled he can use the remote, we continue to pray that he is able to refine his clicker-wielding ability. We shudder to think what could happen if he fails at this most crucial task...stay tuned.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Fenway Park, "A Lyric Little Bandbox Of A Ballpark"

Noted author John Updike described Fenway Park thusly...I haven't a clue what he meant, but I had fun. Everybody continued to think I was just sooo cute, it was visually stimulating but really loud for my little ears to handle. I had a good time, slept through a six-run second inning rally that put the Nationals to sleep as well and lasted longer than most starting pitchers...into the 6th inning, before we called it a night. I stopped to pose for a few pictures behind the left field wall, AKA, the Green Monster (pronounced "Monsta" if you're a local and can speak--I'm only half way there...). There are a lot of strange and interesting people on Landsdowne St behind the Green Monster. And no, we did not grab a cold one at The Cask and Flaggon...

My First Baseball Game

Mommy and Daddy took me to my first baseball game. It was quite a day. We drove to Daddy's office and I got to look out the building at Boston--that's the highest I've ever been, except for flying of course! And many of Daddy's colleagues thought I was just "soooo cute"...and you know what? They're right...Daddy works with very smart people. We out-fitted Daddy with the Baby Bjourn and he "sherpa-ed" me on the Green Line to Fenway. I think he was more excited than me...

Saturday, June 17, 2006


I'm in serious training for the rest of my life. I'm turning it up a notch in my new Jumperoo, developing my legs so that they will be able to carry me for the rest of my life. Of course, when I'm done training, there is no Baby Gatorade for me to refresh with...oh well.

Developmental Milestone!

Let the good times roll! I've started to make like a retiree's 401k...and rollover. Dad says that's a funny joke, but I don't think so. I can go from back to front, but not the other way just yet. Apparently, I've been rolling for about 2 weeks, first showing off for Nana last week and then wowing Mommy and Daddy this week. I would like to thank Cousins Brian and Justin for inspiring me (along with Auntie Meg, of course!).

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Mommy & Me

I'm cute on my own, but me and Mommy make for an irresistable photo-op.


Some people can't pass a mirror without stopping and checking themselves out. Me? I can't resist chewing on a mirror, or anything else for that matter.