Thursday, June 22, 2006

Fenway Park, "A Lyric Little Bandbox Of A Ballpark"

Noted author John Updike described Fenway Park thusly...I haven't a clue what he meant, but I had fun. Everybody continued to think I was just sooo cute, it was visually stimulating but really loud for my little ears to handle. I had a good time, slept through a six-run second inning rally that put the Nationals to sleep as well and lasted longer than most starting pitchers...into the 6th inning, before we called it a night. I stopped to pose for a few pictures behind the left field wall, AKA, the Green Monster (pronounced "Monsta" if you're a local and can speak--I'm only half way there...). There are a lot of strange and interesting people on Landsdowne St behind the Green Monster. And no, we did not grab a cold one at The Cask and Flaggon...

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