Wednesday, July 26, 2006

You Say It's Your Birthday! It's My Birthday, Too! (kinda)

I am six months old today! Thank you to everyone who has given gifts, shared kind words and, especially, those willing to babysit me or hold me for 5 minutes while mommy and daddy eat. Special thanks to Great Auntie Meg, Great Uncle Joe, cousins Brian and Justin, Grandmom Lin and Grandpa Matt, Nana Ann, Aunties Claire and Sue and cousin Luke, and "Aunties" Sheryl and Elizabeth for their much apprecated and varied contributions to my well-being. I couldn't have done it without them. Of course, some credit to Mommy for the whole gestation and delivery...I've heard that can be quite a challenge. But, as they say, I'm worth it! Right? And Dad, for translating my baby-talk into missives for the blog.

Six months down, let's recap:
Born on due date, came pretty fast, born at 1:31pm, 7lb 4 oz, 21.5 inches, give or take.
Have flown twice, checked out the cultural attractions of our nation's capital, been to a Red Sox game, have two teeth, can roll from my back to my tummy, can sit up, can sleep through the night, I'm very cute, like to smile and people-watch, enjoy bathing, drooling and grabbing. I'm willing to put just about anything in my mouth. I've been on the T. I've risked life and limb going through the Big Dig tunnels (and Dad's driving). My blond lockes and blue eyes stop the girls in their tracks. Did I mention I'm cute? I've become a regular at Mommy's Monday night dinner. Have developed nicknames like Squiggles, Squiggiford, Nathanimal, Nate-dog, A-vast-yee-Natey, Miles of Smiles...Have been to pools, been bitten by a mosquito, been Baby-Bjourned and survived family gatherings.

I'm sure I've missed something, but, with six months under my belt, rest assured, I'll be doing more and more interesting things.

Thanks and Happy Half-of-a-Birthday to Me!

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