Monday, August 21, 2006

Cheeky Times At Cheekwood

We joined Grandpa, and Aunts Vicki and Pam on an excursion to Cheekwood, an impressive museum and garden set-up in Belle Meade. A fun time had by all, especially when Grandpa strolled me away from everyone else in the museum, leading Daddy to ask a guide, "Have you seen an old man and a baby?" which made Grandpa's (younger) sisters laugh. We even took a picture inside the museum, apparently a no-no Daddy found out later. After the museum, we strolled through some of the grounds over to the gift shop where Aunt Vicki bought be an "I Love Tennessee" Beanie Baby to match the UT outfit she got for me as well. Daddy says he's going to try to 'cuse them up and pass them off as souvenirs from his central New York college days.

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