Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Nine Month Update

So here I am, three-quarters of the way through year one. I'm 21lbs, 9oz, and believe it or not, I almost need a hair cut...I have split ends, what will all the other children say!? I have had four teeth for quite some time and now two have broken through on the top. I can also feel that my two front top teeth are about to break through as well--somebody, please give me something cold and hard to bite on. I'm not crawling yet, but I do move around quite effectively on my butt and rotate a little on my tummy. Although, I'm still not wild about tummy time. Recently, I've started demanding to be pulled up so I can stand. It gives me a whole new perspective on life as well as a glimpse of what life will be like when I'm a little older. I'm actually quite strong and it really only takes a little lifting by mommy or daddy and a little thrust of my hips and...I'm vertical. Previously, I liked to keep my interests mobile...you can add vertical to my preferences as well.

Did I mention I graduated to a big boy car seat? Next thing you know, I'll be driving.

I been told babies can be the catalyst for many changes in families and my arrival, among other factors, has inspired mommy and daddy to put the house up for sale, looking for a bigger place to accommodate my myriad collection of toys, clothes, and other baby-inspired paraphernalia which is consuming the living room, my bed room and the basement. Hopefully--go ahead, cross those fingers--we'll be partying in a new pad when I turn one!

In closing, a special shout-out to Cousin Luke for the continues flow of clothing. He's one long and lean guy and I really appreciate the fact that he is outgrowing clothes at a pace that "suits" me just fine (I'm a very punny baby!).

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