Thursday, December 28, 2006

More First Hair Cut Shots

Nate's First Hair Cut

Between the mullett I was born with and bangs that were getting in my eyes, Mommy and Daddy determined it was time for my first hair cut. We went to Snippets, a very kid-friendly establishment, decked out with lots of fun stuff and distractions to calm even the fussiest of little ones, which, I am proud to say, I was not!

Crib Notes

My crib can be a much more interesting place to be now that I can pull myself up.

Do You Remember Our Trip to Tennessee?

It was on that trip that Aunt Vicki presented me with the outfit you see below. Loud, yes, but stylish nonetheless. And, it finally (almost) fits.

Inquisitive Nate

I recently discovered the kitchen drawers. Lots to see, touch and mess up!

More Christmas Pictures

Grandmom Lin was kind enough to dig out some of Mommy and Uncle Louis' old toys. One of the most interested was the Chug-A-Bug that you see on my high chair tray. I can't wait to get back there to play with that one again! Also pictured below are shots of me with Aunt Margaret, Grandpa Matt, and Uncle Louis, who got a new digital camera from Santa.

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner was quite a feast at the Brown's. Grandpa and Mommy spend a lot of time on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day preparing all sorts of tasty dishes and Aunt Margaret also contributed a dish as well. I of course, snacked on crackers and cheerios while the adults consumed all that wonderful food.

The Christmas tree was a tempting target for me. People kept holding me close to it to see all the pretty ornaments, then pulling me back and saying "no, no, don't touch." Gee whiz, make up your minds! It's very confusing being me sometimes and my way of looking at something is to grab it and shove it in my mouth. I would have thought by now people knew this about me!

See those apples? They went into an apple crisp, a favorite dessert of Daddy made by Mommy.

Pre-Christmas Bash At Our Place

As I had mentioned, we hosted Daddy's family on Friday night before we jetted off to Maryland.

There was so much to see and rip open, the whole night felt like a blurr for Cousin Luke and I.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bethesda Dispatch...Nate Crawls!

OK, well, I crawled. Will it continue? Only I know and I'm not talking. I am babbling, though. I'm spending the week with Grandmom and Grandpa just outside of our nation's capital. Mommy is here, too, but Daddy flew home the day after Christmas to work and to try to buy a house. Sounds simple enough. He's done it before. Lot's going on, in addition to my trip and the house transaction, I'm starting to walk. I don't buy this saying "you have to crawl before you walk." I've been walking, with assistance, for weeks now and the whole "crawling thing" is just not me. I mean, come on, all fours vs. up-right--what would you prefer, honestly? I flew again--got to walk up and down the aisle of the plan and flash my cuter-than-cute 8 teeth smile at 30-plus rows of people, even first class. This was the first flight I've taken where I've been fully awake for the whole thing. What a production, from the slower-than-slow cab ride to the longer-than-long bag check line at Logan. We were the last ones on the plane and our luggage didn't get to us until that night. We even got someone else's bag too. But don't worry, we gave it back.

The night before we left, Nana and Grandpa, Auntie Sue and Claire, Uncle Ray, Cousin Luke came over for an early Christmas BONANZA on Friday. That was the night we found out that Mommy and Daddy's offer to purchase the new house was accepted! So, there is a good chance we might celebrate the glorious anniversary of my birth in the new pad, delayed by a few days, due to something called a close date. It's all Greek to me, but if it works, I'll have 1,000 more square feet to roam. Back to the Christmas BONANZA--I got so many toys I don't know what to do. Cousin Luke got his fair share, too, and we tore up a serious quantity wrapping paper to boot!

My only concern at this time is that Mommy and Daddy have figured out how to plum tucker me out--by walking me around and around and around--and let me tell you, I'm one exhausted little guy.

Stay tuned for pictures, pictures and more pictures. Perhaps a best of 2006 year in review as well...

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Cousin Luke #2

As referenced below, cousin Luke and I are becoming fast friends, but, sometimes sharing is not an option. He may have scored the book (below), but I got the bottle and let's face it, an empty soda bottle with rocks inside is far better than a book that neither one of us can read. Luke=1, Nate=1.

Cousin Luke #1

Cousin Luke is almost 7 months older than me. We get together every so often, hang out, swap stories about tags, Raffi, and pee-thrus. Luke was a big inspiration for getting me up on my feet. The night these pictures were taken was the night that Luke showed me the way to true happiness--independent mobility. He's got it down pat! He's mad-man on two feet. I aim to follow in his footsteps, and since that night, I've been demanding to be walked and to standup, holding onto furniture and even standing in our blue plastic laundry hamper.

Luke is the man, but sometimes we don't see eye to eye on sharing. See the following sequence:

Yes, It's Been Some Time, But...

I'm still wicked cute! I used to fit in my canvas tote bags, which quickly became toy boxes.

I'm Baaack! We've Been Busy

We are currently looking for a new place. Our house is not only up for sale, but we expect to move out by the end of February. Of course, now we just have to find a place to live. During the down tme, Daddy and I have caught some Patriots action. They're pretty good, but most people wouldn't say they are a sure thing like a few years ago. Oh well, at least we are not rooting for the Celtics or Bruins, they are like my diapers--they stink!