Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Bethesda Dispatch...Nate Crawls!

OK, well, I crawled. Will it continue? Only I know and I'm not talking. I am babbling, though. I'm spending the week with Grandmom and Grandpa just outside of our nation's capital. Mommy is here, too, but Daddy flew home the day after Christmas to work and to try to buy a house. Sounds simple enough. He's done it before. Lot's going on, in addition to my trip and the house transaction, I'm starting to walk. I don't buy this saying "you have to crawl before you walk." I've been walking, with assistance, for weeks now and the whole "crawling thing" is just not me. I mean, come on, all fours vs. up-right--what would you prefer, honestly? I flew again--got to walk up and down the aisle of the plan and flash my cuter-than-cute 8 teeth smile at 30-plus rows of people, even first class. This was the first flight I've taken where I've been fully awake for the whole thing. What a production, from the slower-than-slow cab ride to the longer-than-long bag check line at Logan. We were the last ones on the plane and our luggage didn't get to us until that night. We even got someone else's bag too. But don't worry, we gave it back.

The night before we left, Nana and Grandpa, Auntie Sue and Claire, Uncle Ray, Cousin Luke came over for an early Christmas BONANZA on Friday. That was the night we found out that Mommy and Daddy's offer to purchase the new house was accepted! So, there is a good chance we might celebrate the glorious anniversary of my birth in the new pad, delayed by a few days, due to something called a close date. It's all Greek to me, but if it works, I'll have 1,000 more square feet to roam. Back to the Christmas BONANZA--I got so many toys I don't know what to do. Cousin Luke got his fair share, too, and we tore up a serious quantity wrapping paper to boot!

My only concern at this time is that Mommy and Daddy have figured out how to plum tucker me out--by walking me around and around and around--and let me tell you, I'm one exhausted little guy.

Stay tuned for pictures, pictures and more pictures. Perhaps a best of 2006 year in review as well...

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