Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner was quite a feast at the Brown's. Grandpa and Mommy spend a lot of time on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day preparing all sorts of tasty dishes and Aunt Margaret also contributed a dish as well. I of course, snacked on crackers and cheerios while the adults consumed all that wonderful food.

The Christmas tree was a tempting target for me. People kept holding me close to it to see all the pretty ornaments, then pulling me back and saying "no, no, don't touch." Gee whiz, make up your minds! It's very confusing being me sometimes and my way of looking at something is to grab it and shove it in my mouth. I would have thought by now people knew this about me!

See those apples? They went into an apple crisp, a favorite dessert of Daddy made by Mommy.

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