Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sometimes It's Hard To Be Me

I had a minor bout of pneumonia recently. Despite being sick, I was still cute. And those cheeks!

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Not Exactly Your Average Thursday

In addition to having play group early in the day and then flying down to Bethesda to see Grandmom and Grandpa, our house was a buzz with activity. Apparently, a newly licensed driver, off for the week for school vacation, lost control of the truck he was driving, skidding across our front lawn, hitting Mommy's car and taking out an electrical junction box before getting control back. It's in the hands of the insurance companies now, but needless to say, not exactly a nice way to welcome us to the neighborhood. Although, a neighbor was kind enough to put our barrels aside for us to claim, after they blew away last week. Bye the way, Mommy's car had been parked perpendicular to the street, and as you can see, 90 degress has become 135 degrees. Oh, and that's our new house in the background...

High Times In My Chair

Feeding me can be quite a challenge, but, as you can see, I'm getting plenty to eat thank to mommy's creative efforts.

Presidents' Day Treat

Luke, Ray, Claire and Sue came over for brunch on Monday. Luke and I had some fun fooling around with all my toys and Mommy made pancakes. We found out that Luke, like his dad, likes pita bread with hummus. As you can see, I am not quite walking, but I am cruising along the furniture and can walk the wall with a little help and supervision. And, when in doubt, I just gracefully plop to the ground and crawl. It's an efficient mode of transport when there is food or other items on the floor worthy of being put in my mouth.

Living Room

As you can see, the living room in the new house is much bigger than the one in the old house, which is great because I have so many more toys now. It's reall the toy room until we get furniture for the family room downstairs.

Mommy & Me, Cute as Ever

The Gate, Standing Between Me and Exploration...

...and some serious pain, since I still can't do "down" on the stairs yet.

Exploring the New House

N 'n N

Nate and Nolen. Nolen and Nate. N'nN. N-cubed. N3. No matter what you called it, the play date with Nolen from play group was a blast. As you can see, we spent the bulk of the day immersed in toys, scattered throughout the living room. Later, when I napped, Nolen got to play in one of the many moving boxes still strewn (somewhat) throughout the house. What is it about a box?

My First Birthday

The Sunday after we moved, before the Super Bowl, Nana & Grandpa, Auntie Claire, Uncle Ray and Cousin Luke came over to share in the celebration of the one year anniversary of my birth--truly a day that should be circled on everyone's calendar as a unofficial holiday! As you can see, thanks to Auntie Sue, I had a bib to match the occassion and Cousin Luke and I spent a good chunk of the day marauding through the new house looking for places to play in and for toys to play with, although we were both left somewhat preplexed by the sliding door to the enclosed porch off the dining room. The gift of the day was books! Aunties Sue and Claire conspired to and delivered a wagon full of books of all shapes, sizes and topics. There were even some about a character named Nate the Great -- clearly my reputation has spread, they're already writing books about me!

Monday, February 19, 2007

It's A Shoe Thing

Some additional shots from my Christmas trip to Bethesda. Apparently, among my many talents is stealing and playing with people's shoes.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

We've Moved!

How many other babies get to say that they got a new house for their first birthday?!

As soon as we unpack, Daddy will take some pictures and post and show everyone MY new house!

For my second birthday, I want a car. Heck, if Mommy and Daddy could swing a house, certainly a new car is within reach (with a booster seat and leg extensions so I can over the wheel and reach the pedals).