Saturday, February 24, 2007

My First Birthday

The Sunday after we moved, before the Super Bowl, Nana & Grandpa, Auntie Claire, Uncle Ray and Cousin Luke came over to share in the celebration of the one year anniversary of my birth--truly a day that should be circled on everyone's calendar as a unofficial holiday! As you can see, thanks to Auntie Sue, I had a bib to match the occassion and Cousin Luke and I spent a good chunk of the day marauding through the new house looking for places to play in and for toys to play with, although we were both left somewhat preplexed by the sliding door to the enclosed porch off the dining room. The gift of the day was books! Aunties Sue and Claire conspired to and delivered a wagon full of books of all shapes, sizes and topics. There were even some about a character named Nate the Great -- clearly my reputation has spread, they're already writing books about me!

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