Saturday, February 24, 2007

Not Exactly Your Average Thursday

In addition to having play group early in the day and then flying down to Bethesda to see Grandmom and Grandpa, our house was a buzz with activity. Apparently, a newly licensed driver, off for the week for school vacation, lost control of the truck he was driving, skidding across our front lawn, hitting Mommy's car and taking out an electrical junction box before getting control back. It's in the hands of the insurance companies now, but needless to say, not exactly a nice way to welcome us to the neighborhood. Although, a neighbor was kind enough to put our barrels aside for us to claim, after they blew away last week. Bye the way, Mommy's car had been parked perpendicular to the street, and as you can see, 90 degress has become 135 degrees. Oh, and that's our new house in the background...

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