Monday, June 18, 2007

Fathers' Day: Napless Wandering

That's right, I pulled an "All-Dayer," taking only about a 25 minute nap in the car on th way to Cousin Luke's casa. I spent much of the day wandering around Luke's house...I even spoke on the clicker (ok, so maybe I was a little sleep-deprived?).

Fathers' Day: The Wheels on the Bus Go Round n Round

While cousin Luke was asleep, I full access to his toy collection, which includes lots of things that roll!

Fathers' Day

What is this? Thanksgiving. Uncle Ray and Grandpa Dan were in full relaxation mode after a low-key but calorie-filled afternoon on Fathers' Day.

Play Group Farewell

Nolen from play group moved and we packed into his casa for a good-bye bash. Police, fire, ambulances, lawsuits...we rocked till all hours of the afternoon. Nolen may not remember all of us, but the City of Quincy won't soon forget the wild times that marked the departure of Nolen from the City of Presidents. Ok, it didn't really happen like that, but getting chocolate smeared all over my face from the cookies sure felt like a wild time to me!

Webb Park: Take Me to the River

OK, that's a song, but what locally popular movie staring John Travolta from the late 1990s was it featured in? "A Civil Action" is the answer.

Webb Park: I'm On Top of the World, Ma

Another movie reference, according to Daddy, this time from Jimmy Cagne. How many 30-something Dads can reference Jimmy Cagne?

Webb Park: Finding My Nate-ness

The reference to Nate-ness comes from Daddy watching "You, Me & Dupree," a serviceable comedy staring Owen Wilson as Dupree, a loveable loser who helps his pal rediscover his "-ness" over the course of a B-move.

Webb Park: "Ok, Let's Go This Way, Instead!"

Weaving a Webb of Fun at Webb Memorial State Park

Let's go this way...

Keep Off the Grass? Are You Serious?

I Like to Roam Amongst the Commoners (Good Luck Catching Me, Mommy)

I was actually headed to Cheers on Beacon Street, next to the Public Garden.