Sunday, March 30, 2008

Easter Dancing with Grandpa

At 33 pounds (11 per foot, as Mommy and Daddy like to say), I'm a handful. When I want to dance, which consists of someone else dancing while they hold me listening to my favorite tunes from Mommy's ipod, it doesn't matter who's around, as long as they have the physical wherewithal to "keep up." As you can see, Grandpa ran out of steam as we danced to Ring of Fire (my favorite song).

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Parting Shots from the Quaint Old Section of St. Augie...

Ready, Aim, Fire...Did Someone Say Fire? I fell into a burning ring of fire...

The Old Fort of St. Augustine

BTW...anything about Mommy look different...perhaps there is some news yet to break on the blog about my future as an old sibling? And, I'm doing my best impression of Steve Buscemi from Armageddon, except I can not yet chant "no nukes! no nukes!" to the chagrin of anyone I'm with.

Frankly Scarlet, I Think the Restaurant is a Dive

OK, maybe that's a little harsh. Daddy's pulled pork BBQ sandwich was, in a word, "awesome." But, according to Daddy, the men's room was terrible. Aunt Pam, Uncle Roy, Mommy, Daddy and me hit St. Augustine, some city in northern Florida with some sort of historical significance that I'll learn about later in life and then forget when I create a blog for my children and can't remember it, like Daddy.

Max and Me, Fast Friends

When I wasn't too busy working the cash register, Max the Dog and I had a good time, walking around the neighborhood and checking out Uncle Roy's plantings in the back yard. Considering all the hugging and some poking and prodding, Max was a real sport.

Red Sox Nation Well Represented in Palm Coast

Aunt Pam and Uncle Roy put us up for 5 days in their luxurious penthouse bonus room. And, they were gracious enough to let me wear my Red Sox garb, including Daddy's hat that reminds everyone that the Sox won the World Series last year. Yes, there was some banter regarding 18-1 and some football team from the area, but, there were few if any comebacks when the discussion switched to the relative merits of any of the Florida NFL franchises, especially fellow AFC East representative and league doormat, the Miami Dolphins.

The Pelican, Briefly

Life's a Beach, Especially in Florida in February

Leave it up to Nate to find "older women" on the beach in bikinis to work his cuteness...

Florida Is a Warm Place, Even in February

Ah, Florida

The only people on the beach in Florida in February are people from "cold states" like Massachusetts, which mommy had dubbed a cold state because, well, it's cold.

Fun with Auntie Sue

Auntie Sue joined in the fun on my birthday. She should enjoy whisking me around now, because, at 36 inches and 33 pounds, I'm what they call "a handful!"

I Said It's My Birthday, Ba Da Ba Da Ba

From the Isle of Sodor to points far and wide, the second anniversary of my birth featured a Thomas the Tank Engine cake, more cars and plenty of cake.