Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Aaaaahhhh...Summer Eats -- Corn On The Cobb

Aaaaahhhh...Summer Eats -- Watermellon

Nate & Collin: Two Boys At Peace In The Grass

June Visit to Bethesda

Fun In The Grass

Daddy Helped Nate Mow The Lawn

George's Island

Daddy and I visited George's Island in Boston Harbor. Unfortunately, I fell asleep for most of it and despite the fact that it was an island, it was still much hotter than being at home, drenched in central air...

Nate's Day At The Zoo

Good bye Nashville

Adventure Science Museum -- Nashville

I had a ton of fun with Grandmom, Aunt Sue, Grandpa Matt, Momma and Daddy. Daddy and I climbed to the top of Nashville, where said Daddy said it was "wicked hot!"

Apples, Lincoln Logs and Lots of Fun at Aunt Sue's